Tamara L. Wilson

August 09, 2020

I've been in and out of music my whole life.  It's my Grandpa and Dad's fault.  They got me started when I was just a little girl with those downhome sing-a-longs.  My first party!  So, here I am again, gotta do it.  No accolIades to brag about really...I just love music and give it what I've got.  Sure hope my music helps somebody, somewhere feel better!

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'Change Gotta Come' is a song in deep reflection of the social divide and racial injustice and prejudices we must heal. After hearing of the horrific murder of Mr. George Floyd, I had to express that we must stand up for justice for our black and brown brothers and sisters. Enough is enough!  We all know, somehow, deep inside our heart of hearts that we are all created equal, deserving of fair treatment, regardless of the color of our skin.  I have a dream too, that this change will come!  Yes baby-girl, your Daddy did change the world!

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"Change Gotta Come" by Tamara L. Wilson - Song Preview Link.  Listen to the song on the New Music Spotlight.

Artist Website: https://tamaralwilson.com/


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