Sofia Lynch

August 09, 2020

Sofia Lynch has done some growing up since her debut recording, and it shows up all over her second release Lately, from the lyrical content to the production and arrangements. The Columbia, South Carolina based singer-songwriter may still only be eighteen years old, but her artistic growth puts her on a whole new level this time around.

“I wanted to try something different with the production,” Lynch says, “and I was looking at going a step further in the studio with these songs.”

With the assistance of Lexington, SC producer Cory Plaugh and his Plaugh’s House Recording Studio, and Nashville, Tennessee producer Femke Weidema at Liz Rose Studio, Lynch has framed her still confessional relationship songs with an array of sounds that recall 80’s and 90’s productions as well as the more recent Taylor Swift excursions into electro-pop. For her it was a natural progression.

Lynch’s writing has also progressed with maturity, she admits.

“My first EP was about topics I’d observed but never really experienced because I was young, but now that I’m closer to being an adult I’m experiencing a lot of sadness, as well as a lot of happiness,” She says. “I have perspectives and experiences I didn’t have before, and I’m romanticizing things a lot less, which has resulted in some sad and dark songs coming out.”

There is a balance between realism and optimism in Lynch’s writing, something a just-turned-18-year-old undoubtedly struggles with. On one of the new album’s most striking tracks, “Cinderella,” Lynch extends the fairy tale narrative to when Cinderella has married the prince, had his baby, and found out he’s a raging alcoholic. She then leaves him and marries a woman.

“It’s maybe not the ‘Ever after’ ending you thought it was,” Lynch says.  

Another song benefited from the association with Weidema, a Dutch native and Grammy winning songwriter and producer.

“The first track on the album, ‘Quiet Chaos,’ was one that I asked her to work on with me,” Lynch recalls. “It was really long at first, she helped cut some verses and tighten up the narrative flow.”

With Lately, Lynch is ready to say “Here’s what I’m doing now, here is how I’ve grown,” and take her place as an emerging new artist without worrying about ‘the age thing.’ She’ll be attending MTSU in Nashville in the fall of 2020 studying audio engineering and music business and working part time at Liz Rose Studio.

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"Quiet Chaos" by Sofia Lynch.  Song Preview & Purchase Link.  More music by Sofia on Spotify.

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