Shawn Mathews

June 22, 2020

Best described as a multi-talented, genre-blurring artist, Shawn Mathews' music spills across the POP/R&B genres with Hip-Hop elements in them. Using popular synth melodies, Shawn adds a smooth vocal/lyrical performance to his songs which resemble the R&B styling of his influences Bazzi, Khalid, Dominic Fike, and Drake. Tackling topics such as heartbreak, mental health, and self-worth in his music, the Pennsylvania based artist has an extremely relevant feel to his songs and makes music that listeners can identify with.

Shawn was signed to VALE in 2020 and released his EP Blue with them. His unique voice and style set him apart from others, along with his versatility and ability to tune in to current trends in music. His catchy rhythms are based on current hip hop music but are bouncy and vibrant.

His debut EP Blue features six singles ‘Down Bad’, ‘Don’t Say Hi To Me’, ‘Erase It’, ‘Higher’, ‘Saved Me’, and ‘Hold Me Down’.

Being a dancer and actor, Shawn fuses his love for dance and American Pop music to create his own unique brand of music. His love for performing and music equates to his electric stage presence when performing live. When he is not making music, Shawn is acting in regional musical theater productions or teaching his students hip-hop moves to the latest hits.


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Listen to "Down Bad" on INDIEARTST Radio.


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